Philadelphia Eagle Fans Get to Try New Food This Season

Local chefs are teaming up to bring new foods to the Philadelphia Eagle stadium

According to CBS Philadelphia, Philadelphia Eagles fans will get to try some new food this season.

Local chefs are partnering with the Philadelphia Eagles to offer signature dishes to the fans. Some of the chefs include Jose Garces, Peter McAndrews, and Mark Vetri.

James Hennessey, executive chef at Lincoln Financial Field says that they worked long and hard with a lot of the chefs involved to create a unique experiences that would work for fans at the Linc.

One of the new menu items being featured is the sausage cheesesteak on a pretzel roll, created by Vetri. McAndrews’ new contribution is the brisket sandwich, complete with horseradish mayo, roasted tomatoes, provolone cheese and a fried egg. Carnitas Tacos, by Garces, which are made with pineapple, jicama salsa, black beans and shaved radish.


The new menu items will be served throughout the stadiums for fans to enjoy starting at the beginning of the season.