Pharrell Williams Sues Over His Own Liquor 'Qream'

R&B crooner-slash-rapper-slash-ladies'-man Pharrell Williams is apparently not too happy with his liquor brand Qream.

Williams, known for collaborations with Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, and of course some of the best songs (and man candy videos) of the aughts, released Qream back in July 2011. The liquor, which comes in strawberry or peach flavors, was marketed for women so they can "reward themselves 'deliciously,'" Williams said back then.

Now, however, Williams has filed a $5 million lawsuit with distributor Diageo. The lawsuit claims that in July 2012, Diageo told Williams they would shut down the Qream business after two years of branding. Williams claims that Diageo failed to market the drink as a "high-end, leisure class" brand he wanted, instead branding Qream as a "club drink" and thus causing Qream's low sales.

Naturally, Williams is looking for $5 million in damages, as "PW turned away other concrete opportunities to collaborate with other alcoholic beverage distributors on a partnership, in favor of proceeding with Diageo," the lawsuit reads. There's also something about faulty caps on a couple of bottles, but really Pharrell, high-end? The press materials suggested that Qream be "served on the rocks, mixed for cocktails, or deliciously baked into cupcakes, pastries, and more." But who in their right mind would bake off their high-end spirits? Dead giveaway Pharrell. May we suggest launching a bourbon?