Pharrell 'Happy' About His New Tokyo Burger

The "Happy" rapper and producer Pharrell has launched his own burger in Tokyo, Japan

You can find the "Pharrell Burger" on a Tokyo café menu.

Have you ever found yourself walking into a McDonald's at 6 .a.m, trying to order that burger your mouth is watering for only to be told you could only order items off the breakfast menu?

Well, five years ago, rapper and producer Pharrell Williams found himself in that exact situation in a McDonald's in Paris, and all the singing and dancing in the world wasn't enough to convince the staff that this superstar should have his order of burgers.

Pharrell has finally grilled up a solution, and he's made sure that he won't ever be denied a burger should he happen to be in Tokyo, Japan. 

Known for his recent hit "Happy", Pharrell recently introduced the self-titled "Pharrell Burger" at Tokyo's 2-5 Café, owned by friend and collaborative partner DJ NIGO.

The Pharrell Burger is a seasoned burger patty covered with melted cheese, topped with thick slices of tomatoes and sprinkled with chopped onions and a chunky suace all between two very crispy buns. What's more? This American-heaven of a meal is served with fries and a side of salad.


Knowing he will never have to face his fear of going without a burger in Tokyo, it's safe to say that Pharrell is happy.