Pete's Kitchen: Denver's Landmark Restaurant Still Lives Up To Its Sky High Reputation

Denver's Landmark Restaurant Still Lives Up To Its Sky High Reputation

You can't go wrong with a gyro plate from Pete's Kitchen.

Over the years, Pete’s Kitchen on Colfax has gone from being a local secret to a Denver landmark. Despite the growth in business, Pete’s food still lives up to its sky high reputation, though the service could sometimes use improvement.

Pete’s is part diner, part theme restaurant. The main room has diner-style booths and a counter where you can sit and watch your food being cooked.The walls are loaded up with old photos, awards, and other kitsch.

Best known as a late night or breakfast eatery, Pete’s is often packed at 2:30 in the morning or during the weekend breakfast rush. The service may seem somewhat slow, or even a little indifferent during certain times of the day, especially if you’re used to the much higher level of attentiveness of waitstaff at fine dinning restaurants.

While portions at Pete’s are generally large, prices are still a little high. Expect an additional charge for things like extra salad dressing or tzatziki (a yogurt based sauce generally served with gyros). You will probably end up spending from  $8.00 to $12.00 per person.

However, many Denver locals are more than willing to put up with the inconvenience of occasional so-so service for the food. Restaurant owner Pete Cantos made his way to Denver from Greece in 1956, so as you might imagine the gyros are not to be missed. You can’t go wrong with meat shaved fresh for each order, tomatoes, onion and Tzatziki all wrapped up in a warm pita.

With lots of choices for great Mexican food, Denverites can get kind of picky about their green chili, but Pete’s recipe is another customer favorite. You can find the beloved green chili smothering the monster-sized breakfast burrito and the open faced burger as well as other dishes. Other menu favorites include gyros and eggs, a range of omelets, and the very fluffy pancakes.