Perks Of Being A Dining Hall Employee

Photo by Rachael Ferreira

As busy college students, we often take for granted the convenience of our Michigan's dining halls. But have you ever thought about the work that goes on behind those delicious buffet layouts?

Elaine Kussurelis is a Michigan student who works the food preparation shifts at MoJo Dining Hall. This is her second year as a member of the dining services team, after she applied online on the UMich website. While the dining services seek out motivated and responsible workers, she explains that the interview itself was pretty laid-back. Like her, many staffers join without having had much (if any) past experience in food services. Up for some on-the-job training?

Elaine is responsible for preparing the food that the chefs use to make meals. From this experience, Elaine has learned the best practices for chopping various foods. Right now, Elaine's job is to cut up the fruits and vegetables. "I love cutting pineapple the most!" She admits. "Before I started working, I had no idea how."


Photo by Rachael Ferreira

But why work in the on-campus dining halls over the restaurants that line State Street? For Elaine, MoJo really trumps the rest."The nice thing about working at the dining halls is that they make it easy to work with the schedule of a student. I have the same work schedule every week: 2 shifts during the week. Then we pick up a shift every other weekend...and I can easily change my shift if I need. They also recognize breaks, like Fall Break and Thanksgiving."

Additionally, Elaine explains that the work itself is not too difficult, and the chefs are fun people to work with. But how about the wage?  Considering the average college student's budget and the inevitable Urban Outfitters binge or two, how much money you're making per hour is important. "Workers make about $9 an hour which is so nice!" Elaine says. "It's above minimum wage. I would definitely recommend working here."

To top it all off (and to the envy of this writer), employees have unlimited access to the desserts. "It's really nice, but obviously not too healthy..." It's okay, we won't tell.

According to Elaine, being an employee at the campus dining halls is a smart move with some delicious perks. Plus the uniform is pretty baller.

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