Perfectly Cheesy Party Appetizers

Shane Kearns, author of the cookbook Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese shows us how to turn a typical comfort food in the perfect cheesy party dish. Check out his creative ideas for the different parties you could be throwing for game day:

Any grilled cheese sandwich recipe could easily be made into mini appetizers. Instead of cutting multiple sandwiches in half, cut them into quarters and you will be set. Using breads such ciabatta or French bread may not make for a typical grilled cheese, but it allows for appetizer sized sandwiches that are perfect for any dinner party.

The easy answer for turning a grilled cheese into a big meal is to add some sort of meat. However, contrary to popular belief, I believe that once meat is added to a grilled cheese, it stops being a grilled cheese. I would suggest adding a starch (potato) or carbohydrate (pasta) as one of your main ingredients in order to make the sandwich more filling. An egg would work nice as well. Also, a nice, hearty side dish goes a long way to rounding out a great grilled cheese meal

Salmon Croquettes with Dill

This grilled cheese is a different play on a recipe an accomplished chef is most likely already familiar with.

Big Game Nachos and Cheese

This recipe is the perfect recipe for college kids. It can be made quickly with little mess and in large quantities. This particular recipe would be perfect for parties or large gatherings and pairs nicely with the college beverage of choice: beer.