PepsiCo Agrees to $9 Million Settlement on Naked Juice Claims

The drink maker has agreed to pay a settlement with plaintiffs over claims that the juice was "all natural"

Naked Juice will pay a lofty price.

Another juice to bite the "all-natural" dust: the makers of Naked Juice have agreed to a lofty settlement to change its labels. 

PepsiCo’s juice line recently agreed to pay a $9 million settlement after being accused of making false claims on their labels. The class action suit was part of a series of lawsuits over different claims on the labels, according to Business Insider.

The plaintiffs claimed that the juice’s claims to be “all-natural” and “GMO free” were false and urged the beverage company to retract these claims. While PepsiCo still maintains that the claims are true, the company has agreed, as part of the settlement, to remove the “all natural” from their labels. PepsiCo has also agreed to hire an “independent tester” to confirm the accuracy of "non-GMO" claims on their label, according to Business Insider.


While the company called the deal “fair,” there are  some discrepancies about their claims, according to Beverage Daily. "Until there is more detailed regulatory guidance around the word 'natural,' we've chosen not to use 'all natural' to describe our juices and smoothies," a Naked Juice spokesperson told