Pepperidge Farm Turned Goldfish Crackers Into Mac & Cheese

Even among the most strident foodies, a lot of people have a soft spot for the bright orange foods of their childhood, like Goldfish crackers and boxed macaroni and cheese. But Pepperidge Farm has decided to create a nostalgia juggernaut by fusing the two into one cheesy orange product. That's right, they're rolling out a new line of Goldfish cracker-flavored macaroni and cheese.

"Macaroni" in this case is a slight misnomer, because these orange boxes are actually full of goldfish-shaped pasta, with little smiling faces and everything. The line will roll out with four cheese sauce flavors: Butter Parmesan, Cheesy Pizza, Nacho Cheese, and Cheddar. The sauces are reported to be made with real cheese and, somehow, no artificial preservatives.

"Just like mac and cheese, the Goldfish brand is adored by children and adults alike, so it made perfect sense for us to add the fun and wholesomeness of Goldfish to this favorite classic food," said Jared Konstanty, senior vice president of general manager snacks. "We're thrilled to be able to deliver even more smiles to our devoted fans with the launch of Goldfish Mac & Cheese."

According to Foodbeast, the new line will be available at Walmart stores exclusively as of Monday, June 24. Yes, that's tomorrow, and with the wave of nostalgia and curiosity these mac and cheese bowls are likely to inspire, you may need to get in line now.

Or just try out one of our best macaroni and cheese recipes for a less fish-shaped version you can make at home.