People Still Really Love Surge, Apparently

Well, this is fun: a group of Surge lovers (remember that extinct soda that was discontinued in 2003?) is gaining traction now with plans of a billboard begging Coca-Cola to bring back Surge. 

Business Insider reports on the group, now 21,000 strong on Facebook, and its effort to bring back Surge. After Coca-Cola discontinued the soda in 2003 following bad sales, the company was met with some serious Surge fans. With petitions and the numbers of Surge supporters to sway Coca-Cola, the Facebook group took a new step to bring back the soda: a $4,000 billboard in Atlanta, where Coca-Cola is based. "Dear Coke, we couldn't buy Surge, so we bought this billboard instead," reads the sign. 

The group even has "surging days" where fans inundate Coca-Cola's headquarter lines with pleas of bring back Surge (which Coca-Cola caught onto and began issuing memos to warn employees). Said the founder of the movement, Evan Carr, to Businessweek, Surge's absence has left a Surge-shaped hole in his heart — really, we can't make this stuff up. "Surge was more of a lifestyle for me and I always had a can when I was growing up in the '90's... I just wanted to see if other people out there missed it as much as I have," Carr told Businessweek. Well, we give him props for sticking to his guns.