Heartwarming Story Of The Day: People Pay For Strangers' Drinks At A Coffee Shop

Some news stories out there make us truly believe that people are the worst, but then stories like this restore our faith in humanity.

A coffee shop called Corner Perk in Bluffton, S.C., became a hot spot for random acts of kindness, when an anonymous woman dropped off $100 two years ago to pay for other customers' drinks until the money ran out.

When other customers and locals started hearing about this, more strangers started to do the same, leaving $5, $10, $20, or $100 without buying anything to make someone else's day.

Since then, a nearby toll bridge has also seen an increase in people paying for the car behind them, and Corner Coffee Perk owner Josh Cooke estimates that in 2012, around 100 people have donated thousands of dollars to help other people pay for their morning cup of joe. And the original do-gooder? She's returned every couple of months to drop off another $100, making everyone's morning that much better.

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