People Lose a Lot of Phones in Coffee Shops

And you thought they'd lose them in bars, didn't you?

In the post-St. Patrick's Day haze, we're fairly certain plenty of New York City bars were getting calls about lost phones.

So imagine our surprise that a study from Lookout says that most people lose their phone in coffee shops, not at crazy dive bars in the early morning.

Lookout, an iPhone and Android locator, found 9 million lost phones in 2011, they say. Of those found, most of them were found in coffee shops, followed by bars, the office, and restaurants.

Apartments and condos, grocery stores, gas stations, homes, pharmacies or drugstores, and parks rounded out the top 10 places to lose your phone.

Lookout also found that Phildelphians lose the most phones, whereas cellphone users in New York City and  San Francisco lose phones three times as often as those in Chicago. So coffee shops in Philadelphia must find a lot of iPhones. To be fair, plenty of people don't function until they get their morning caffeine fix.