Pegu Club to Hold Hurricane Sandy (and Murray Stenson) Fundraiser

The New York City bar rallies to help Sandy victims, as well as beloved Seattle bartender Murray Stenson

New York restaurants, food trucks, and bars are taking the charge to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims, and SoHo's Pegu Club is no exception. But we're even more excited to learn that the upcoming fundraiser also benefits a Seattle bartending legend. 

Recently, we told you about the Seattle bartending community raising money to help Murray Stenson cover his medical bills. Now, The New York Times reports that the "50/50" fundraiser this weekend at Pegu Club will also benefit Stenson. Half the money raised will go to Hurricane Sandy relief, and the other half will go to the MurrayAid website. (Dozens of other events to help Stenson are also planned.)


On tap for Pegu Club's fundraiser is a mile-long list of famed New York City bartenders, including Julie Reiner from Clover Club, Joaquin Simo from Pouring Ribbons, Meaghan Dorman from Raines Law Room, and more. Audrey Sanders, the woman behind Pegu Club, has also added a Sandy-inspired cocktail for the event; all proceeds from that cocktail will go to the Red Cross and other relief organizations.