Peel Your Shots

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Peel Your Shots

1. Grapefruit and mango


Photo by Judy Holtz

If you want something that is zesty with a bit of a twist, mix grapefruit and mango jello together to create a tart & tropical taste. The sweet, mellow mango flavor will hit strong with a light sourness to end the slurp.

2. Lemon on lemon:


Photo by Judy Holtz

Pucker up, this lemon classic will have you crossed eyed for the weekend. Slice that lemon in half, add your lemon jello and prepare yourself to slurp this sour one down.

3. Orange… what rhymes with orange?


Photo by Judy Holtz

A tasty favorite, your traditional orange flavor. Slice up your orange, pour your orange jello in and get ready to feel like you dunked into the orange itself. This is a safe zone party treat that everyone should be a fan of… or at least drunk enough to think so.

Next time you’re hosting a BBQ or just lounging around on the lawn for an afternoon, treat yourself with fruit and jello. Just don’t forget to bring the best part, the alcohol.

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