Peanut Butter Uncrustables Are A Nutty New Sandwich Option

Peanut butter and jelly are the perfect pairing of sandwich spreads to many. But if you're sick of shelling out for the jelly part of a PB&J, you'll want to pick up Smucker's new Peanut Butter Uncrustables. Unlike other offerings in the crustless sandwich line, they're jelly-free.

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Uncrustables are just what the name says, mass-produced, sealed, crustless sandwiches. They come frozen, the idea being that busy parents take one out of the freezer and pop it in a kid's lunch bag in the morning, and it thaws by lunch.

And Smucker's is well-known for its jams and jellies, so it makes sense that PB&J Uncrustables offer the peanut butter option layered with either strawberry or grape jelly, plus a peanut butter-honey sandwich, and one with chocolate-hazelnut spread.

But kids have preferences. And just like there are eaters out there avoiding peanut butter, whether for allergies or taste reasons, there's definitely a jar full of jelly-shunners out there. So here they go, an Uncrustable for those who are Team Peanut Butter and not Team Jelly.

Uncrustables may be an inexpensive way to satiate your sandwich craving. But for a more sophisticated sammie, check out the best sandwich in every state.