PB & Pickle Sandwiches and More

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In today's Weekly Recipe Review, beef hearts for Halloween, plus sweet treats for kids
Pickles and Peanut Butter

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections around the country.

NY Mag
Make this comforting cauliflower soup with leeks and Gruyère on colder nights.

LA Times
We're kind of obsessing over hand pies in the office, and savory versions sound even better. Curried lamb hand pies might just beat any sandwich, ever.

NY Times
Peanut butter and pickles? Well, we've already been over this...

SF Chronicle
When cooking with Japanese clay pots, try this ginger pork recipe with gojiberries and figs.

Make a meal out of any blood, guts, and hearts you can get your hands on for Halloween. Start with beef hearts on skewers.

Chicago Tribune
Finish off a spooky meal with easy meringue bones for the kids.

Seattle Times
Roast some seasonal butternut squash with pork tenderloin.

Kitchen Daily
Or, serve pork with apples and miso in an updated ramen recipe.

Portland Press Herald
News flash: You can steam bread. As proven by this steamed brown bread recipe.

Washington Post
Enough pork; for the next meal, try this Moroccan chicken and apricot stew.

A Summery Tomato Jam and More Recipes

Wall Street Journal
In preparation for the potentially frightening Hurricane Sandy, here's a recipe for a dark and stormy done darker and stormier.