Casa De Luz: Casa de Luz, Austin: Peaceful Beginnings

Casa de Luz, Austin: Peaceful Beginnings

I went to Casa De Luz for a girlfriend's birthday breakfast.  It ended up being such a wonderful way to kick off a Thursday.  To reach the dining hall one must traverse the gorgeous paths reminiscent of a buddhist retreat center.  Casa De Luz is part of a larger infrastructure in which holistic approaches to well being are studied and practiced.  


Once inside you pay immediately at the register then are welcomed to a smorgasboard of macrobiotic, vegan staples.  That day we were treated to twig tea, whole grain porridge, sauteed greens, vegetable soup, fresh homemade tortillas, black beans, and we ended with a very fresh pecan pie.  


Everything was also gluten free.  A wonderful respite from heavy sugars, salts and allergens, Casa De Luz is a true Austin treat where one can experience whole foods from a community of people believing in nurturing.  I can't wait to return for a dinner.