PB&J Ban Sparks Controversy and More News

In today's Media Mix, what bartenders really think of your drink, plus the rise of giant sodas
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

History of Soda Sizes: Back in the '50s, McDonald's' large sodas were just 7 ounces. Today, the large soda is 32 ounces, and the 7-Eleven Big Gulp is 40. Yikes. [Slate]

Barteders: Tell Us What You Really Think: Yes, they judge what you order. Yes, you still have to tip them. Hint: no bloodies on a Friday night. [BostInno]

Parents Wig Out Over PB&J Ban: A mother started a Facebook group called "School Nut Ban Discussion" after her son's peanut butter and jelly sandwich was confiscated. The school replaced his lunch, but peanuts were banned due to some childrens' deadly allergies. [Examiner]

Food Trends A-Z: Here's a comprehensive guide of what to expect in the food world. A is apparently for ants, and also artisanal. Yum. [Guardian]

Stephanie Izard Engaged: The Girl & the Goat chef is engaged to brewmaster Gary Valentine. Congratulations are in order to the perfect match. [Crain's Chicago Business]