PB & J Alternatives


From childhood to adulthood, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been a staple in our diets. And as college students, they can become our only diet (along with ramen noodles) for those days when we’re in a rush or low on funds. While our traditional buddy will never fail us, it’s nice to switch it up sometimes. Try out these tasty, simple combos below because really, can peanut butter ever actually go wrong?

1. Good ol’ fashioned PB&J

Photo by Hannah Lin

It’s never a bad option, right? This one’s for the more conservative people out there.

2. PB&J banana sandwich

Photo by Hannah Lin

Go bananas.

3. Trail mix sandwich

Photo by Hannah Lin

Substitute jelly for almonds and dried cranberries.

4. Apple sandwich

Photo by Hannah Lin

Instead of peanut butter, try apple butter with sliced apples for lighter, fruity pick.

A few other sandwich ideas:

In case you get sick of peanut butter (I know, what a crazy thought):

1. Cream cheese and cucumber sandwich

Photo by Hannah Lin

Crisp and refreshing.

2. Ham and cheddar cheese

Photo by Hannah Lin

A classic.

3. Hummus and walnut salad

Photo by Hannah Lin

Tasty and different.

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