Paula Deen Supporters Protest with Butter Wrappers

They're calling their campaign 'Butter for Paula'

I'm sorry, but if we ever got a pile of butter wrappers in the mail, we'd probably just toss them in the trash without reading them. But it turns out, that's the tactic behind Butter for Paula, in which Paula Deen supporters empty butter wrappers and write their feelings about Paula Deen out, sending them to companies that have dropped Deen in the past month.

The Empty Butter Wrapper Campaign claims that "A company without Paula Deen is like an empty butter wrapper," although we think an empty butter wrapper is actually really useful for greasing pans and molds. The point, though, is to have all supporters "mail a clean, empty wrapper with your letter of disappointment over their decision to drop Paula Deen."

John Schmitt, the founder of the campaign, told CNN that he felt Food Network, QVC, and Target all "betrayed" Deen, and thought about mailing actual sticks of butter to the companies in protest. But he couldn't get past wasting butter as well as the disgusting outcome of melted butter in envelopes, so he opted for the empty butter wrapper. "She made a mistake 20 years ago," Schmitt. "We all make mistakes. I've said things I regret."

The Facebook event page lists out 14 companies which have cut ties with Paula Deen; interestingly enough, even Novo Nordisk is on the list, despite the company vehemently claiming they are simply suspending the campaign until Deen has recovered from the scandal. 


Check out some of the butter wrappers on We Support Paula Deen Facebook page.