How To Avoid Paula Deen's Restaurants In Savannah

While you're avoiding visiting Paula Deen's Savannah eateries, The Lady and Sons and Uncle Bubba's, here's your one-day traveler's guide to the best Southern comfort food, according to opera singer Christine Danielle Lyons, a Georgia native.

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While Lyons is speaking out against Deen's public racial controversy, she says, "I do get why [Paula Deen] wants to slather things in butter. A lot of Southern people are like that. I just get it." Lyons suggests, however, that you can find a goldmine of Southern cuisine in Savannah at the following spots that will trump Paula Deen's caloric creations: "One time on TV I saw her eating a french fry sandwich — just french fries in between two pieces of bread, literally," Lyons laughs.

From buttery pancakes at the no-fuss Clary's Café in Savannah's picturesque historic district to fried chicken topped with pecan syrup and traditional she-crab soup inside an 18th-century pirate's hideaway to bourbon on the roof of the chic Bohemian Hotel and a ghost tour in a hearse in between, we've got you covered.