Paula Deen Gets New Game Show 'Food Chain'

The chef is in chats for a new cooking game show

Paula Deen

Looks like Paula Deen isn't going anywhere soon; the celebrity chef is meeting with distributors to pitch a cooking game show called Food Chain.

The premise is to have two teams cook four dishes, each hoping to win a cash prize. How this is different from every other cooking competition show out there, we have no idea.

Variety reports that Deen is pitching the concept with Natalka Znak of Zodiak USA. Apparently Food Chain is a ripoff of an Italian cooking show.

According to Lucky Day Productions, which produces the Italian show, the original Food Chain brings in two amateur chefs to prepare four dishes, with each dish gradually getting more complex.

"This is the show that cooks for cash... Skill, creativity, presentation and speed are the name of the game as the two contestants battle through four levels of cooking perfection to pick up the money at the end of the show. With each level the dish becomes more difficult and the cash prize higher," the website says.

Eater has the promo video, and notes that Deen is not pitching to the Food Network.