Paula Deen Admits Her Donut Burger Is '1 Serving Per Lifetime'

Guys, Paula Deen was on "Wait Wait... Dont' Tell Me" over the weekend, and the segment is hilarious and light-hearted and surprisingly not defensive.

Host Peter Sagal got the queen of Southern cooking to talk about her donut burger, comfort food, and, of course, the tasteless, slimy, yummarific... tofu.

The story behind her donut burger, of course, was all thanks to chance. "Well those donuts were there, and the hamburgers were there, and I said, what the heck are we using buns for when we got those delicious donuts," Deen says.

Luckily, Deen can laugh at herself, joking that "there's only one catch, Peter. It's only one serving per lifetime."

Also in the segment? Notes on Deen's new furniture line, tips on deep-frying an ottoman ("Oh it's easy honey, you just dipp it in egg"), and recipes for recovering from a heart attack. Listen to the entire segment below, especially as she describes what's in her refrigerator. Strangely enough, she jokes, a bowl of fruit got in there.