Patrón Made Tequila-Infused Soap For Men

Normally it is not considered a good thing to be reeking of tequila, but Paul Mitchell might be getting in on the ground floor of a trend with its new agave-infused body soap.

According to Refinery29, Paul Mitchell just launched a new line, Mitch, which is targeted at men and seems like a higher-end version of Axe body spray. Among the shampoo, conditioner, hair wax, and other assorted body products is a bar of soap called "M" that's been produced in conjunction with Patrón and is infused with agave.

Paul Mitchell maintains that the soap is no mere marketing stunt. Agave apparently prevents moisture loss and helps soothe skin, which could be useful when one wakes to find a particularly haggard example of hangover face in the mirror.

The Refinery29 editors were actually a bit disappointed that the soap did not smell more strongly of tequila.

"A man smelling like a strong margarita wouldn't be the worst thing we could think of — but sadly, we found the bar to be more sweet-cologne-y than fresh and bracing," assistant beauty editor Tara Rasmus said.

That said, the bar still got overall positive reviews and was deemed an acceptable and sophisticated scent.

There are, of course, things to do with tequila besides rubbing it all over one's body. Check out our best tequila recipes for some ideas.