Pascal Millet RTW Spring 2014: Who Doesn't Love Effortless Parisian Style?


You know how Parisian woman have that effortless look of elegance? That I-just-woke-up-looking-this-great style? Personally, I don't have it (though I would give anything for it), but I try, usually in vain, to emulate it. Well now that Paris Fashion Week is in full swing, you'll have your pick of designers to pull that easy Parisian look from. The Pascal Millet Spring 2014 collection shown yesterday was an excellent embodiment of that form, and now we're dying to stuff our closets with the designer's chic pieces.
Aside from the wet bangs plastered against the models' forehead (they just look sweaty), the collection is absolutely beautiful; simplistic and elegant, it has an uncomplicated style that women love. While the majority of separates fall into this category, some dresses, and the more colorful pieces, are seemingly designed for the beach rather than the city.
The detailed tailoring is what gives this collection its edge. Subtle pleats, wearable cutouts (yes, they're hitting Paris), complementary fabrics and indiscernible pockets all contribute to this illusion of instant perfection. And that's pretty much what every woman is searching for.
On the more tailored pieces the color palette is quite dry—mostly grey, black and charcoal—but despite their lack of seasonal hues, offer some of the most fashion-forward and new cuts for spring. While the hot pink, pale blue and violent orange pieces are not only fun for summer, they look surprisingly good together.
And of course, on a Parisian runway you must always have the little black dress. This collection has several to choose from, from simple classics to a modern two-piece crop top and maxi skirt. So even if we never really grasp Parisian-chic, this collection could help us get so much closer.