Party Ice Breaker Games That Aren't Cheesy

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Any master host or hostess will tell you that throwing a dinner party is always more fun when you get to gather people from different parts of your life together in a room. It can, however, quickly turn into a disaster if people are not warming up to each other. A great way to "break the ice" is by playing ice-breaker games that aren't super lame. There are a few of those games that actually exist, and adding alcohol to them always makes them a little less lame too!

Would You Rather?

Depending on the crowd, this game could get pretty wild fairly quickly. On index cards, write up the wackiest scenarios you can imagine and go around the table asking each guest a different question.  Start off with tame questions, like "Would you rather not hear or not see?" and move onto the weirder questions, like "Would you rather eat monkey brains or drink lizard guts?" As the night goes on, you could ask the questions to the whole group and have guests write down their answers and try to guess what other guests were thinking!

Jenga Questions

Before dinner begins, write down drinking game rules like "take one shot" on Jenga blocks and have guests perform each task depending on the block that they pull. Whoever knocks over the tower is "punished" as the party deems fit!

Place Card Game

Instead of writing down place settings, write down fun facts about each guest and try to have guests match the fact to the person. Just don't write down anything too personal about someone that they might not want shared with the group.