Party Favor Gifts: Leave Your Mark with Embossed Rolling Pin

Your edible party favors will never be the same

Personal Party Gifts

Whether you are a frequent dinner party thrower or a frequent dinner party goer, one thing is for certain: party favors can be rather trite. Everyone arrives with a bottle of something for the host and goes home with a favor bag full of candied goodies. Not that both of these gifts aren’t wonderful gestures. It just feels a little repetitive if you happen to be traveling in the same circle of hosts and guests.

If you want to stand out above the crowd, try investing in a personalized rolling pin. Embossed with your signature stamp, you can create uniquely personal cookies, pies, or even pasta that can work as both party favors and hostess gifts. Simply roll out the dough and use a cookie cutter to make your embossed shaped cookies. Package them in a decorated jar or stamped brown bag and you’ll have a unique gift no one will ever forget.

The rolling pins themselves make for a fabulous gift to any food-loving bride-to-be or great baker in your life. We are certain that investing in this custom tool will result in truly creative gifts for all.


You can get it via Etsy for $47.50.