Party Like A 'CelebriTORI': Tips From Tori Spelling

The self-proclaimed "Jill of all trades," Tori Spelling, knows a thing or two about partying. We aren't talking about her wild days on 90210 — we mean her exemplary prowess in all things party planning. With the best-selling book celebraTORI published last year, which teaches readers how to unleash their inner party planner, and her new book, Spelling It Like It Is, to be released in late October, this multitalented mom definitely has valuable insight into planning a party. We recently sat down with her to chat about all things celebratory, from her worst party disaster to her favorite event to plan.

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The Daily Meal: What was your worst party disaster? How did you reconcile it?
Tori Spelling: I never like to turn down more guests, so when a few extra kids showed up at a birthday party, I was worried there wouldn't be enough dessert. Of course, for me, the solution was to transform the party into a cookie-baking celebration. Everybody got a chance to participate and bake and decorate their own cookies. Plus, there were extras for the hungry parents!

TDM: Tell us the essential party planning items every host has to have on their person.
TS: You can never go wrong with party décor tools like tape and scissors, and it never hurts to have a napkin in your pocket to clean up messy kids' faces. But the ultimate item to have in hand is a dessert. Every host needs something sweet to make it through a celebration.

TDM: What is your favorite type of event to plan and why?
TS: I don't think I could choose just one type of event as my favorite — they're all so different and fun! If it were up to me, any and every party is a success as long as there are food, drinks, family, and friends.

TDM: What is the biggest mistake hosts make when planning out their Halloween parties? What should their "timeline" be?
TS: The biggest mistake a host can make is forgetting that the party is about being with loved ones. No matter how much décor there is on the walls or food on the tables, the focus should always be on enjoying time with your guests!