Hero Restaurant Worker Rescues Two Women in Paris Attacks

A restaurant worker at Casa Nostra risked his life to save two customers

A heroic restaurant employee risked his own life to rescue two wounded customers during the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13. 

Friday night, residents of Paris were enjoying their dinners and expecting a normal, happy night, when terrorist gunmen opened fire and exploded bombs at several locations throughout the city, including six restaurants. During and after the terror, brave residents risked their own safety to help other people. One such hero was working at one of the first restaurants attacked, and who risked his own life to rescue two customers who had been injured in the attack.

According to the BBC, a restaurant employee named Safer was working behind the bar at La Casa Nostra, an Italian pizzeria in the 11th arrondissement of Paris that was one of the first locations attacked by the terrorists. Safer was behind the counter at the restaurant’s bar when he heard the first explosions.

“Everyone started screaming, glass rained down on us. It was awful,” he told the BBC. “There was glass all over the place, hitting us in our faces.”

While that was going on, Safer noticed that two women who had been eating on the restaurant’s terrace had been hit by the terrorists’ bullets. One had been struck in the wrist, and the other had been shot in the shoulder, and both were bleeding badly.

Running outside the restaurant was obviously dangerous, but Safer said he had to help. As soon as there was a lull in the shooting, Safer risked his own life to run out onto the terrace and help the two wounded women, whom he rushed downstairs to hide in the restaurant’s basement.

"I picked them up and rushed them downstairs to the basement,” he said. “I sat with them and tried to stop the bleeding. As we were downstairs, we could hear the gunfire continuing above. It was terrifying."


Over 100 people were killed in the attacks, and at least 300 more were wounded.