Paris of the Plains Cocktail Festival in Kansas City

The annual event is set for late August and includes a variety of elements of the cocktail industry

The event will host various professionals in the industry.

Kansas City is gearing up to host their Paris of the Plains Cocktail Festival from August 21st to 25th, the Kansas City Star reports. The event is about cocktails in the city, but is about more than just drinking them. The event encompasses any aspects of what goes into the drinks, like how it gets there and how to best enjoy it.

Various professionals in the field will be at the event to educate guests about the products and process. Professionals set to attend the event include F. Paul Pacult, editor of Spirit Journal and Steve Olson, a tequila expert.

Live music will also be featured at the event. Performers include The Late Night Callers and Mark Lowrey’s 12-piece swing band. There will also be charity encorporated intot he event. At the PopFest Gala events get to sample cocktails while benefitting KCPT, one of the city’s public television companies.

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The event has grown to include bartenders from around the country, local foods, and a large amount of guests in attendance. Details on the veents and ticket information can be found on the website