Paris Jumping on Food Truck Trend

Despite the froufrou pretensions of the French stereotype, apparently food trucks (and Brooklyn-esque things) are hip in Paris

In addition to taking on nasty American habits like dousing everything with ketchup and randomly snacking on the streets, Parisians are also flocking to food trucks (or at least, the hipsters are).

The New York Times reports that despite the prevailing thought that French people will never eat on the street with their hands, or pay for food from a truck, food trucks seem all the rage, with Cantine California (tacos) and Le Camion Qui Fume (burgers) leading the way.

Although some French eaters still devour hamburgers with a fork and knife, young Parisians tell The New York Times that street eating is actually a thing. Not only is "trés Brooklyn" a compliment, but grabbing food from ice cream trucks and hot dog carts? "That is, like, our dream," one girl said.

Similarly, Parisians are just now getting in on the gourmet burger trend (and eating tacos with knives and forks). What's next, kale salads? Get with it, France. You're lagging behind.