Paris By Chanel: A Look At The Fashion Houses' 5 Most Significant City Locations

Continuing their Inside Chanel series, Chapter 12 of the French fashion couturier's film series named Paris by Chanel, takes consumers on a tour of the five locations in the city that are most significant to the house. Viewers will get a sneak peek into the Grand Palais, the current home of their runway shows as well as its atelier on Rue Cambon.

Bridging the gap between its past and present, the film seeks to give lovers of the brand further insight into why Chanel has become the most important Parisian brand. "The places/spaces highlighted in the twelfth video of Inside Chanel puts emphasis on a journey that has yet to be completed – the spaces that created and continuously creates the house of Chanel, which is the essence of the entire video," Sebastian Jespersen, CEO and founder of Vertic, New York.