Drunkards Shut Down Paris Agricultural Show Early

Inebriated guests were reportedly bothering the animals
Wikimedia/Ernst Vikne

The Paris Agricultural Fair is shutting down several hours early because drunk visitors were messing with the animals.

Paris’ annual agricultural show has been cut a bit short this year, as organizers have decided to close earlier to stop drunkards from messing with all the animals.

According to The Local, organizers of the 2015 Paris Salon de l’Agriculture have decided to stop keeping the fair open until 11 p.m., as it was in previous years. Apparently drunk, unruly Parisians had gotten into the habit of visiting the agricultural fair late at night and messing with the vendors and poking at the animals. This year’s agricultural fair runs from February 21 through March 1, and while the typical animals, farm vendors, food vendors, and machinery vendors will be exhibiting at the fair this year, they will not be offering late-night hours anymore. Instead, there will be two nights when it is open until 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., whereas in previous years it was open past 11.

Not all vendors were pleased, though. While organizers said that more than half of the show’s exhibitors had packed up early in previous years to avoid the drunk agricultural fair fans, several vendors reportedly complained that being open a few more hours late at night could lead to thousands of euros in additional sales.

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