Paris' 6 Best Hip Coffee Shops

Paris has never had a reputation for serving the best coffee drinks in Europe; that title is usually reserved for the espresso capital of the world: Italy. But a new series of cafés has popped up all throughout Paris in an effort to change this stigma and show Parisians that delicious coffee doesn't need to be a country away.

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The cafés are a mix of French- and American-owned shops that all have one thing in common: rich, truly delicious coffee brewed by baristas who treat the process like an art.

Here is a selection of some of the best cafés in Paris that are a part of this hip new coffee scene. They range from cheaper ($) to a bit pricier ($$), and from holes in the wall like Télescope to larger spots with appetizers and entrées like Coutume. No matter what, this will be a cup of coffee that will keep you coming back; no other cup in Paris can compare.