Paper Flowers For Your Table

There is nothing like having a fresh bouquet of flowers on the table. They brighten a room, set the mood, and even add a touch of whimsy to your setting. But fresh flowers are not always on hand when setting a last minute table.

In the event that you can't get fresh-cut blooms on your table, you may want to have some paper flowers in your party pantry so your home can look festive and floral at any time. This new decor trend will brighten up your table or party at any time of year. Check out some of the beautiful options we found:

Tissue Paper Flowers

Don't waste valuable tissue paper on gift bags. Tissue paper can be used to make gorgeous paper flowers for your centerpiece. Spray a little perfume on them, and these forever flowers will retain a long-lasting scent.

Book Page Flowers

Have a vintage vibe to your place? Rustic book page flowers will totally compliment your motif and create a gorgeous everlasting centerpiece.

Scrapbook Paper Flowers

No matter what your table looks like, scrapbook paper flowers can complement it. They'll brighten up any room and look just like the real thing.