Papa John's Offering Taylor Swift Pizza Party

Certain members here on staff are a bit miffed that Taylor Swift's new super-pop album "Red" is not yet available on Spotify, which means we might just order Papa John's for this deal (blasphemy in New York, we know).

The pizza chain is offering a large pizza with T-Swizzle's new album until Oct. 28 for $22, a pretty sweet deal if you consider the album is $14.99 on iTunes. Papa John's is also giving out a 10 percent discount on other Swift goodies, like a Swift-imprinted cup, a "special note" from Swift, or a signed CD insert.

As Grub Street points out, Jay-Z did a similar food-related gig when "Decoded" was released in 2010, but this pizza thing is pretty genius. We can think of a few ways to take advantage of the deal. Scenario A: Get a bunch of teenage girls to listen to Swift's new album with a pizza and some other slumber party activities. Scenario B: Listen to the album by yourself and drown your emotions with melted cheese and carbs.