Papa John's Apologizes for Racist Voicemail and More News

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In today's Media Mix, can coffee cause mental disorders, plus Disneyland evacuated

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The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news in the food world.

Caffeine Intoxication? Apparently, restlessness, nervousness, and excitement after drinking coffee could be a sign of caffeine intoxication, listed as a temporary mental disorder. Yikes. [LiveScience]

McDonald's Black and White Burger: McDonald's Hong Kong is releasing two limited-time burgers, one with a black bun made with black squid ink, and another with a white bun with black sesame seeds. Both are topped with mashed potatoes. [FoodBeast]

Papa John's Apologizes for Racist Voicemail: An employee of the pizza chain accidentally butt-dialed a customer, resulting in a slur-filled voicemail that led to the firing of two employees and Papa John's apologizing over Twitter and Facebook. [Eater]

Disneyland Evacuated: Vacationers were surprised after Mickey's Toontown was evacuated after dry ice in a plastic container caused an explosion, causing an eerie evacuation scene with happy Disneyland music. [SCPR]

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Coors Flag Faux Pas: The Puerto Rican community in the South Bronx is protesting a new beer can from Coors' that has the Puerto Rican flag plastered on it. [NYDN]