Papa John’s to Eliminate Gestation Crates

The pizza chain has pledged to promote animal welfare

Papa John's will be eliminating gestation crates for their pork products.

Another chain restaurant has pledged to eliminate gestation crates in their pork product supply line.

Papa John’s announced this week that they are encouraging their suppliers to find other ways to house pregnant sows than gestation crates, according to the Humane Society.

The pizza chain announced on their website that their goal is to find alternative housing for pregnant sows by 2022.

These crates have become an issue amongst animal activists because the sows are stuck in one place, which immobilizes them and often leads to a cycle of repeated impregnation.

Papa John’s is one of many to take this pledge. Oscar Mayer, McDonald’s, Kroger, Tim Hortons and more have vowed to move pregnant sow out of the confines of gestation crates.

As of now, nine states and the European Union have passed laws banning the use of gestation crates, which have been long debated by animal welfare advocates, farmers, concerned consumers and others.

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We’re glad to see that Papa John’s has taken the initiative to keep the welfare of pregnant sows in mind, and hope that other chains that have not eliminated gestation crates will take note.