Check out Panna, An App Loaded with Chefs' Cooking Demos

Big-name chefs make delicious food on camera for the first-ever digital cooking magazine

Some of the country's leading chefs walk you through recipes, step-by-step.

Want to cook just like your favorite chefs, alongside them? Then you should consider downloading the Panna app for iPhone and iPad, the first-ever digital cooking magazine. In each of the ‘issues,’ which are released every two months, there are 13 10-minute video recipes, demonstrated by the chefs who developed them. You can cook along with them (you can pause of rewind 30 seconds with the touch of a button) or simply watch as you would any cooking show.

The cooking demos are divided into categories including ‘Cooking for Company;’ ‘Chef’s Favorite;’ ‘Master Class;’ and ‘Weeknight Supper,’ and with each video you get the traditional written recipe as well as a shopping list. There’s also a new ‘Ask the Chef’ feature where you can pose questions and get answers about the dish.

So which chefs are involved, and what are they preparing? In the current issue, there are 14 recipes: chef Paul Kahan makes a ‘carrot ring,’ Michael Tusk hosts a master class on making gnocchi, Seamus Mullen makes a winter market soup, Melissa Clark prepares a roasted maple pork loin with vegetables, and mixologist Jim Meehan whips up a classic gin martini and a green tea rum punch. Sean Brock, Anita Lo, Jonathan Waxman, and Rick Bayless also frequently contrinute some of their favorite recipes as well.


If you like to cook, or even just like to watch some of the coultry’s top chefs in their element, cooking some of their favorite dishes, we suggest you check out Panna.  Each issue costs $4.99 (a yearlong subscription costs $14.99), and you can download it here