Panini Party!

In honor of National Panini Month, embrace your inner Italian at your next gathering

Try a panini bar at your next soirée for a customized flair to your menu.

Paninis are ideal at any time of the year, but since we’re in its celebratory month—we’re thinking to get a bit creative and push hosts and hostesses to another level to have a panini bar at their next party. Besides, who doesn’t love an oozey, goozey pressed sandwich busting out of the seams with fresh cheese, salty cured meats, and lovely seasonal vegetables? 

While cost effective, easy to create, and can satisfy a multitude of taste buds, a panini bar is a sure hit. What do you need? That’s simple—here are a few essentials to kick your bash into full gear: 

Breads: Various types—French baguettes, crusty semolina, olive, white, sourdough, rye—the base of an amazing sandwich begins and ends with fantastic breads. 

Spreads: Dressings, tapenades, spicy sauces, and mayos are the dot on the I and the cross on the t to completing an ideal pannini.

Cured meats: Think Italian—prosciutto, salami, soppresata, and cappicola are just a few ideas to start with that are sure-fire great fillings. Don’t stray away from American classics like Roast beef, turkey, and ham, they’re great bases as well. 

Cheeses: The sky is the limit—just make sure you have a wide range from sharp to soft to shard to satisfy everyone. 

The Fixings: Lettuce, leafy greens, tomato, onions, pickles—the works. Everyone likes their sandwich their own way. Don’t judge!

Fill a chalkboard with signature sandwich ideas and pair them with a wine and a beer so guests can have the ultimate panini experience from the first bite to the last sip.