Panera Opens Another Pay-What-You-Want and More News

In today's Weekly Media Mix, the rise of Asian American chefs, plus the final foie gras days

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Ozersky points out that why yes, Asian-Americans chefs are kind of a big thing right now. [TIME]

In the last days before the foie gras ban, California diners are cramming in all the foie gras they can get. [CBS News]

Panera Bread is opening another pay-what-you-want café in Chicago, the fourth in the nation. [NBC]

The Public Library of Science Medicine has decided to issue a three-week series on big food, examinimg not only the policies of giant food corporations, but also the politics behind it all. [LA Times]

Studies find that "moderate" drinking during the early days of pregnancy had no effect on the kids. [US News]

Odd News
A candy thief in Ohio just targets peanut butter cups. The total amount of candy stolen over the past months is worth $400 to $600. [AP]

Dorie Greenspan is opening a storefront for her famous cookies in the Lower East Side and East Harlem in New York City. [Washington Post]

Oh hey, Todd English is also opening a new French restaurant, Chateau Cherbuliez, in New York. [Eater]

Apparently President Obama is making it a thing to give cakes on others' birthdays, including journalists. [Obama Foodorama]

Sherry pairings are a thing, and it's all backed by science. [NY Times]