Food Truck
Kazinczy u. 18.
Budapest, Budapest 1075
+36 20 779 1125


  • A Rntott Sajtos Szendvics isteni, mell pedig ktelezen ajnlott a feketeribizli szrp!
  • Grilled cheese with salad is the best! Try the soup as well, they are usually very nice!
  • Cheese, cheese, cheese! Fantastic Breaded Cheese Burger!
  • mayo picante - .
  • You can get a selection of 4 breaded cheese which allows you to try them all, just make sure you get a dip
  • Try the breaded local cheese and the beer soup. Really friendly guys and perfect location
  • Quality at the truck is just as good as at their brick-and-mortar location, and possibly a bit faster too. Grab some fried cheese before (or after) embarking on a boozy bar crawl. It helps.
  • Watch out or the jam can stain your pants. Super tasty though
  • Friendly and helpful staff, really delicious tomato soup!
  • I tried the sandwich with jam and camembert. It was awesome, must try!! Worth every penny.
  • Borzalmas! Az elado mintha mas vilagban jarna, a mangos leves inkabb nyers tesztara hasonlitott, a hamburgerben egy nagy fekete kemeny megmagyarazhatatlan szemet volt. Csalodas
  • Sajnos a 2018-as szezontl mr nincs sajtvlogats az tlapon. / The cheese sampler is off the menu from 2018. :(
  • Cheddaros hambi nagyon finom!
  • Zsenilis rntott sajtok s finom szszok.

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