Pancheros Mexican Grill Opens First Location in New York State

Rivals the rise of Chipotle for fresh Mexican

Bob the Tool

Iowa-based Pancheros Mexican Grill has just opened its first place in New York state, rivaling Chipotle’s ever-growing presence, and it’s worth a trip out of New York City to the 'burbs to try out their fresh-pressed tortillas. Located in downtown White Plains, N.Y., Pancheros uses Bob the Tool, a special spatula that mixes all the ingredients together, giving each burrito a creamier taste.

"The best part about Pancheros," says owner Mahendra Patel, "is that everything is made fresh, the tortillas, the salsa. Everything is made in the store daily."

There seems to be a Burger King versus McDonald’s sort of rivalry happening between Pancheros and Chipotle, with Chipotle soon opening their own place just up the street. Right now, Pancheros, a popular lunch spot, offers the simplest of menus with the standouts being the guac and chicken burrito.

"Nothing is frozen here," assistant manager Amy Rodriquez told The Daily Meal.

"There are no microwaves or deep-fried items," adds employee Max Goren. "It’s pretty healthy."

The wheat tortillas have a certain soft texture that you never see nowadays, feeling like they came from a bakery. And there are some of their own bottled sauces worth noting, specifically the Fuego.

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