Pairing Wine with Grilled Fish

Throw some fish on the grill and serve it with a few of these great, fish-friendly wines

Perfect grilling recipes to go with your wine.

Summer’s end is closing in on us, as witnessed by the encroaching darkness that makes grilling more and more of a challenge each weekend. I lament the passing of yet another summer, but I am determined to use my full grilling quota. With the bounty of summer produce upon us, it’s a certain style of grilling that I’m doing now. Hotter, faster, fresher grilling.

With so many veggies on the plate, it is increasingly difficult to find the time, space, or desire to slap a big hunk of meat on the grill. The solution to this enviable problem? Seafood.

I’ve been on a tear with grilled shrimp, wild salmon, char, and a gorgeous piece of halibut, all paired deftly with gloriously fresh summer vegetables and wine, of course.

So, which wine goes with which fish? That’s the kind of detail that can bog you down and ruin your grillin’. Don’t get bogged down! Just go with the flow and pair your wines to your preparations.

Spicy foods like a bit of sweetness and low tannins. And really, all fish like low tannins, so that’s a great place to start looking for your seafood and wine pairings. Go for whites, rosés, and low-tannin reds as a rule and you’ll be halfway to culinary success!

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— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth