Pairing Sauvignon Blanc

6 regional wines and what to pair with them

Spring is here with summer around the corner, and although I will miss the big, structured red wines that I love so much, this time of year has me longing for sauvignon blanc.

I know that some people might think of chardonnay, but not me. For me, sauvignon blanc is the ultimate warm-weather wine. It’s extremely versatile with lunch, dinner, the grill, or just sitting around on a hot summer afternoon. What’s more, you can find it in all styles, from rich with ripe tropical tones to mineral-laden with tart citrus that makes your cheeks pucker.

It’s also one of the most versatile food wines I know. How many wines do you know of that can pair with salad, asparagus, or sushi? The right sauvignon blanc can. What can be confusing is knowing what you’re going to get from a bottle. You can generalize that California will produce a ripe sauvignon, but it’s often the grower and winemaker that determine a wine's characteristics. Was the climate moderate or hot? Was the soil gravel or schist? Was the wine aged in barrel or stainless steel? The good news is that they are all wonderful expressions of sauvignon blanc and each pairs superbly with the right recipe.

It’s with this in mind that I set out to pair some of my favorite sauvignons that I tasted this year with a bunch of great recipes perfect for spring and summer.

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— Eric Guido, Snooth