Pairing Food With Bordeaux Blends

For many people, wine appreciation, collecting, and drinking begins and ends with Bordeaux.

You may not even realize it, but it is primarily two grapes that make up the lion's share of the Bordeaux blend, namely cabernet sauvignon and merlot, with cabernet franc trailing as a close third. When dining at the average restaurant that serves wine by the glass, chances are there will always be a cabernet sauvignon, and there will likely be a merlot on the list as well.

Bordeaux can also be thought of as the most famous wine region, as its branding has been secured for centuries. It's because of this that the Bordeaux blend, or meritage (as they call it in California), has spread across the globe. From bordeaux itself to super Tuscans in Italy and meritage in Napa, your likelihood of pairing a meal with a bordeaux blend is very high.

Most people default to a hearty steak, which is a great pairing due to the fatty meat contrasting with the wine's concentration and firm (if youthful) structure, but these wines are far more versatile than that. Let's explore the bordeaux blend from a number of regions and see what kind of pairings we can come up with.

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— Eric Guido, Snooth