Padma Lakshmi's Fall Coffee Recipe

Padma Lakshmi may be best known for her role hosting Top Chef, but she is also a spokesperson for Nespresso. The Daily Meal has a new video, above, where she explains how to make your coffee a little more exciting: "It's nice to bring those fall spices not only into your cooking but into your beverages!"

Her recipe includes adding cardamom powder, Sugar in the Raw, foamed heated milk, nutmeg, and hand-crushed roasted almonds to your black coffee. As Lakshmi notes, "It adds another layor of aroma."

She also discusses the new Nespresso products — everyone is starting to get Christmas shopping on their minds and Lakshmi is making the case for upgrading your home coffee: "Nespresso has just launched a new machine called the U machine, [which is good] especially if you live in an urban city because it's very compact."

We suggest making Lakshmi's recipe when you sit down to watch the new season of Top Chef Seattle, which will start Nov. 7 at 10 p.m. on Bravo!