Packing Tips: What to Wear on Food-Loving Adventures

Think of these as recipes for staying stylish on gastronomic jaunts

Packing tips

Whether food is the purpose of a trip, like taking an intensive Italian cooking class in Tuscany, or the bonus, like finding the freshest fish taco in Cabo, it’s always the number one priority for food-loving travelers. The only challenge is narrowing down a world of options (literally) to decide on your next destination. And once said destination, be it near or far, is chosen, you have to decide what to pack.

Some people manage to throw in 20 mix-and-match essentials in 20 minutes flat and look fabulous. But for the rest of us, a little more contemplation is required. Tackle packing like meal planning — breakfast is like shoes, lunch is bottoms, dinner is tops, desserts are your accessories, and snacks are your extras like a camera, water bottle, reading material, etc.

We’ve assembled the packing essentials for four possible gastronomic adventures. Like a good recipe, use these as a springboard, and then add your own spice. Besides what to pack, it’s key to think about how much you pack. Approach packing like food — everything in moderation. Quantity doesn't equal quality, which is why you won’t find any elastic waistbands here.

Foodie Road Trip

Road trips are about the slow simmer and not so much the full boil — living in the moment versus reaching the destination at full speed. The priority is brunching at local cafés, snacking on freshly picked peaches, and savoring lingering dinners in each town’s "it" brasserie. If you only make it 200 miles in a day, c’est la vie.

What to Pack

Hitting the road means long periods of sitting, and eating steadily along the way requires clothing that’s high on the comfort scale.

  • Tech: TomTom GPS, Yelp app
  • Ladies: Shorts, crew-neck sweater, scarf à la Thelma and Louise
  • Men: Worn jeans, chambray shirt, Ray-Ban shades
  • Carry It: Beckel Canvas Duffle
  • Extras: Cooler, Vapur water bottle