Pack Smart With This Doctor-In-A-Bag


As I pack for my next out-of-the-country trip, I find myself spending considerable time trying to anticipate every medical item I would need should I be stuck on a desert island with no access to doctors, food, or a phone. I just discovered something that can help make your travels easier, and you can keep it stocked year-round with all your possible first-aid needs.  For the low price of $14.99 (for the women's version) or $11.99 (for men), you can get a set of zippered bags, with appropriate labels to help you organize and find everything you need. Each bag also includes a list of what's most important to pack for "women's needs," "teeth, throat, ears, eyes, nose," "bites, stings, rashes," and "tummy troubles." Restock each one as necessary, and throw them in your suitcase. Think of this Doc-in-a-Bag as a stuff sack for medications.