Own It: Dea Rosa Zefyros Clutch In Sexy Snakeskin

I hardly ever wear snake print. It reminds me vaguely of the Britney Spears performance where she danced with a live boa constrictor at the 2001 VMA's—and there was nothing fashionable about that. But even now and then a designer comes along with a fresh take on a print, or just a touch of trim—something demure that makes me stop and think maybe python could be exotic again, fun and fashionable before Britney came along with her reptilian striptease.
Inspired by Greek textiles and pigments, designer Andria Mitsakos' Greek heritage comes out in brilliant detail and elegance in her Zefyros clutch from the Dea Rosa Cruise Collection 2014. Available in vermillion red and indigo blue this handbag is trimmed in lace and python with a gold "lunchbox" handle meant to recapture the essence of summer in the Grecian isles. Through her travels Mitsakos has experienced different cultures, textiles and patterns that she incorporates into her pieces. Made in Athens, her Zefyros bags are her signature piece and always accented in snake skin and an envelope style closure. Transitioning smoothly from day to night, the lacey python clutch will go with any outfit (except a green bikini)—so now you just need to pick a color.
Dea Rosa Zefyros Signature Clutch is available this fall exclusively online. Priced at $650.