Own It: $35K 1950 BMW Berlin III Speedboat

When you think of German performance, BMW surely comes to mind. Though best known for making some of the world's finest automobiles, in the past BMW has also built just as fine a motorboat. The 1950 BMW Berlin III speedboat is a stunning visual work of art on the water, with all the refinements that you'd find in a BMW automobile today. Built to deliver a one-a-kind experience to its fortunate single driver, the Berlin III is a relatively small water craft. Set to hit the auction block at the Bonhams Belgium event in October at the Zoute Grand Prix Rally and the Zoute Concours d'Elegance, this speedboat is expected to fetch a whopping $350,000 USD.

Estimated Price: €180,000 ($240,102) and €260,000 ($346,814)